About Community Care Rx

About Our Pharmacy



At Community Care Rx we deliver a pharmaceutical solution customized to your facility’s needs.

Community Care Rx is a long-term care pharmacy that serves Adult & Pediatric Residential Programs, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospital Discharge Programs, HIV Programs, Hospital and Nursing Home Discharges and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

We have two central pharmacies located in Queens, New York, and Totowa, New Jersey. Our coverage areas include the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, as well as The State of New Jersey.

The Bottom Line … WE SAVE YOU MONEY!  Why pay more for pharmaceutical services when you can get a more efficient service at a lower cost. Currently fund raising is getting more and more difficult. We provide a way of saving you, on average, anywhere from 25-28% on your pharmacy bills.

Using Community Care Rx means:

  • A reduction in facility costs of at least 25%
  • Immediate price quotes
  • Facility specific formularies and pricing
  • We take care of all Prior Approvals and Prior Authorizations
  • Our efficient billing staff understands the intricacies of the reimbursement process
  • Complete, accurate and easy to understand monthly billing invoices

Community Care Rx offers an unparalleled customized service and partners with your facility to offer a personal experience.  We treat your patients as if they were our own realizing that every medication dispensed is for the treatment of someone’s parent, brother or sister or friend. This approach makes us work harder to ensure that you and your patients receive consistent excellent care.

We realize transitioning between pharmacies can be difficult, but Community Care Rx works with you to make sure your experience is worth it. Keep in mind that not changing your service can do more harm than good. We invite you to improve your quality of care, lower your costs and benefit from our experience. Ask your Account Executive about the hidden savings you will gain from Community Care Rx.

At Community Care Rx we believe pharmacy services have a positive impact on the quality of care delivered to your residents. Our commitment to being a long term care pharmacy has caused us to grow stronger for over the last 20 years. We Keep Our Word. You can count on us to be there when you need us.

About Our Pharmacy

Let our services work for you

1) Multiple Daily Deliveries Available….. Accurate, Timely, Reliable Deliveries and Real Time Tracking
2) Up to 25% Guaranteed Lower costs then our competitors 
3) Our clients benefit from extensive cost containment and revenue enhancement measures
4) Personalized service from friendly staff
5) Automatic Refill Process through Web Connect
6) Complete and Accurate Billing Services
7) QuarterlyEducational In-services
8) Flexible Packaging

About Our Pharmacy


Compassion is at the core of everything we do. In the course of doing business we come in contact with many people each day. Each and every one of those interactions is rooted in compassion and the belief that we can improve the quality of life of that individual during our brief time. The result is that everyone benefits including facility staff, caregivers, nurses, and administrators. We were make sure that your residents receive the highest quality and compassionate care possible.

Accuracy and attention to detail go hand-in-hand with compassion and excellent customer service to bring to you unparalleled care. Nothing is more important than providing the correct medication to the right patient at the right time. As a result, attention to detail plays a central role in everything we do. This ensures reduced liability, medication errors and waste for your facility while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Relationship development is key to our business model. As we work together to provide the highest level of care we develop relationships with our clients. As we develop these outstanding relationships we gain insights into your needs and can anticipate, and then accommodate them. We call it Personalized, Professional and Friendly Service. Because of the relationships we develop, our staff of pharmacists at community care RX go out of their way to make sure the needs of our facilities are always met. In the end you’ll look to us as your partner in providing pharmaceutical care for your residents.

Empowering our clients. Our mission is to use our professional and compassionate service combined with attention to detail to empower your facility to perform beyond its capabilities. Our services, including our expertise, educational programs, and consultation to improve knowledge will increase your staff’s knowledge of pharmacy making it easier to tackle tough issues. Anything we can do to reduce administrative tasks will allow your staff more time for caring for your residents improving outcomes.

Personalized Services

Community Care RX pharmacists focus on what the residents and your staff needs to know in a respectful and caring way. We are serious about developing a partnership with you that cannot be found anywhere else. We understand each facility is different in their needs and services required are also different. It is in development of partnerships like we do that allows us to meet your individual needs and provide services beyond your expectations.

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