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What is code Amber Alertag?

Code Amber Alertag is a discrete ID tag that fits on your keychain and provides access to vital life-saving information in case of emergency.

Over 100,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors. That makes this the 5th leading cause of death in the United States. Over 90% of those errors could have been avoided if the EMT or doctor had quick and easy access to vital information about the patient when first treated.

How does it work?

how it worksThe technology in the discrete ID tag provides vital medical and pharmacy information to the medical provider that could be life saving in case of emergencies.  Community Care Rx is the first pharmacy to provide this safe, secure and essential service.  It is offered to all of your facility’s residents and the discrete device is small enough to fit on your key chain.

Despite its small size, the Alertag provides all of the information needed while maintaining strict identity protection.This ensures that only those who require the information have access to it on maintaining easy access to the information to those who need it.

The Alertag has three layers of identity protection that you must unlock to receive the patient information.

Triple Protection Security System

  • Security Code
    Information that is accessible by entering the ten digit number on the CCRX Alertag. The CCRX Alertag has two levels of security. The first level affords access to information for first-on-the-scene responders to “public” data. Typically, the public information contains identification, allergy and chronic condition insights that are needed to adequately assess emergency victim treatment protocols.
  • Key Code
    The second or “private” Alertag level is only accessible with an additional Key COde, and contains a full medical history that the Alertag subscriber elects to store on our secure servers. This information would be vitally relevant for medical professionals.
  • Password
    In order to edit each patient’s medical profile, a secure password must be created and the user must log on when making changes or adding new information. This prevents others from making inaccurate changes to the patient’s profile and keeps the patient’s information up to date.

Reasons to Carry an Alertag

Code Amber ALertag enables emergency responders to gather critical patient medical information quickly and accurately at the scene of medical emergency. Since emergency personnel are trained to look for Emergency Medical Information when they arrive on the scene, they will be looking for the Alertag. Without this device it is possible that emergency personnel could give inappropriate or even dangerous treatment to the patient. But if each of your residence has a Code Amber Alertag then you ensure the best possible care during an emergency.

Carrying an Alertag is ideal for individuals who are suffering from the following conditions: Asthma, Anemia, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Allergies, Mental Impairment, Diabetes, Dementia, Epileptic Seizures, or Special Needs Children. But everyone needs an Alertag!

— It is better to have and not need than to need and not have! —

We offer it because…

Why We Offer It

We believe in having medical information that is up to date complete and accurate. It is the only way to ensure apprppriate care for patients.  Using the Community Care Rx Alertag, the direct interface database will give the medical provider access to vital medical information.  This includes your dangerous allergic reactions, emergency point of contact, and a complete medical history.  It also includes past and current conditions, family history, medication interactions, medical treatments and more. It is easy to see the value in this discrete but life-saving device.

One of the best things about the Community Care Rx Alertag is that it provides a level security and safety that is completely affordable for your residents.  For just one dollar a month your residents can relax knowing that they are protected by the best system to help protect them.

We strive for continuous improvement and with this system we can work closely with your facility nurses and administrators to increase patient safety and protection, and even decrease medical errors.

free trial

Free Trial

We are so convinced you will love this device and see the value when it that we are offering a free trial.
Try this device for three months for your residence and if you don’t see the value there is no charge.

There is no commitment!
FREE three month trial!


We serve the following industries:

  1. Addiction Treatment Centers
  2. Assisted Living Facilities
  3. Adult Group Homes
  4. Psychiatric Residential Facilities
  5. Behavioral Health Group Homes
  6. Skilled Nursing Facilities
  7. Mental Health Problems
  8. Senior Residential Living
  9. Hospice Adult Day Care

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