The Community Care Rx delivery system offers a completely worry free, on-time and convenient experience for your facility and your residents.  We offer a tailored service to fit the specific needs of your facility and your patients.
Commcare Delivery

● Our delivery personnel are all employees of Community Care RX
● Multiple On-Time Daily Delivery
● With every delivery you will have complete and direct access to the driver designated to your facility.
● To ensure accuracy every scheduled delivery is confirmed with consolidated delivery sheets, which include the resident’s name, medications provided and the quantity that was delivered.
● We offer deliveries 365 days a year, 7 days a week, so we are here for your facility whenever you may need medications for your patients.
● Emergency Deliveries. There is always a pharmacist on duty, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week for your convenience.
● We will work with 24-hour CVS or Walgreens for your convenience during emergency situations.
● In case of emergency, there are also backup and emergency medications available to nursing staff via a computerized medication system. The customized supply of emergency medications is provided onsite at no additional cost to your facility.
● Delivery: Real-time tracking.


Trained to Your Procedure

Drivers and management receive very specific training as to what is required to handle specialty deliveries. The following items are some of the things included in our LTC-Pharmacy driver training manuals, accompanying videos and on-line examinations:

  • Handling of Emergency Kits
  • Handling Returned and Refused Medications
  • Handling Refrigerated Medications
  • Handling Medical Records
  • Communicating Feedback to the Pharmacy
  • Building Positive Relationships
State of the Art Delivery Technology

Real-time route tracking, barcode scanning technology are all part of our technology package available to the LTC facilities we serve. Barcode scanning further enhances our operations by confirming receipt of delivery or pick-up of an item. High value assets can also be tracked so that we know where these valuable items are at any time.

Community Care Rx is always improving and taking advantage of the latest emerging technology that can benefit you, your business and your patients!

Sense of Urgency

At Community Care Rx, we realize what it means when another individual’s pain goes unalleviated, their health does not improve or becomes worse. We realize that the real beneficiary of our efforts are the frail, elderly and patients with special needs who rely on us to delivery life enhancing medications each and every day. With that knowledge comes the responsibility to do everything we can in our power and ability, so that we will never let them down.

We want to keep you from worrying about and trying to figure out when, why, how and what medications have been taken or need to be taken by each individual patient.  We are here to help in any way we can to make your facility run as smoothly as possible for your relief.