Medication Packaging & Technology

Packaging Service


OUR GOAL: To simplify medication management for your facility. We will deliver an exceptional pharmacy experience so your staff can carry on their daily activities without the added stress of figuring out when, why, how and what medications have been taken  by each patient that day. We pay special attention to make sure that medications are packaged and dispensed in the way that best serve the needs of your facility and residents

OUR MISSION: To give your medical coordinators control over the medication packaging that they are utilizing and to make the home staff comfortable.  For the convenience of your facility we prepare, in our pharmacy, both 7 day and 14 day OPUS for medications.  This provides the right medication, the right dose, at the right time, every time.  And keeps every patient’s medications organized and on hand, whether it’s for routine or emergency use.

In situations where the doctor changes the directions for medications that the patient is currently taking, your staff can return any unused medication to our pharmacy to be repackaged according to the new instructions.

Medication Packaging

Community Care Rx has a variety of medication blistering systems available for your facility at no additional cost. Some of these systems include:

  • Rx Map System
  • Medication on Time
  • OPUS System
  • MedTime Card System

Packaging Service

Medication Destruction Program

Medication Destruction

If the medication a patient is taking has been discontinued by their doctor, your facility may send the remainder of the unused medications to our pharmacy, which we can dispose of properly through our Safe Medication Destruction Program.  This prevents medication errors, reduces potential for abuse and prevents any confusion with the nursing staff at your facility.

There is no charge for disposing unused medication.

Returns and repackaging can be done the same day!

Community Care Rx Pill Cards

Community Care Rx is now offering FREE PILL CARDS for each resident for all facilities!
This service provides an easy visual way to show all the medications that a patient needs on a regular basis. These cards are convenient and easy-to-use. By using colorful pictures and simple phrases is easy to identify how and when and each medication should be taken.

Pill Card

This incredibly useful and effective tool simplifies the process of medication administration, increases patient adherence and ensures each resident gets appropriate care. It is just one more way we work to simplify your workflow and improve patient care. Pill cards are a useful tool that is especially ideal for independent living residents.