Savings Program & Billing System

Saving Money


Constant pressure to reduce costs and thin margins are the biggest challenge for facilities and agencies. Your pharmacy service must be a partner in reducing costs. Community Care RX understands the pressure you are under. That is why we have made cost containment a major factor in our pharmacy service. Through reducing cost, and enabling better clinical and financial outcomes we will assist you in achieving your optimum operating goals.

Lowest Price

As you know there are many obvious factors that affect costs. The therapeutic class of medications could have several different ones all equally effective but varying costs. Add to that selective formularies at third-party insurance companies and you have a very complicated medication landscape.

We are here to work with your staff and physicians through all of these issues. You or the physician can get immediate price quotes by contacting us or by going online. We then will work with you to find alternatives that may be less expensive if needed. Once the medication has been decided, we will immediately bill the 3rd party insurance and work out any issues there may be such as prior authorizations.

No one works harder to get the medications paid for while trying to save everyone money. At Community Care Rx, we offer a lowest price guarantee on prescription drugs and OTC medications.That’s why, on average, our medication costs are 22%-28% LOWER than our competitors!


Monthly Billing

    • Facility bills occur on the 5th business day of each month and are available for viewing 24/7.
    • Dispensing “Non-Covered Items” is proactively managed by our expert staff. We work with the physician and facility as well as the patient’s insurance company to minimize costs and maximize the use of covered medications.
    • The total cost for the month is indicated in every page. Individualized statement of account is printed for each resident which shows all medications that were dispensed for the month with a corresponding subtotal at the bottom of the page.
    • House statements are also available which display all the house supplies purchased in that month and their cost to the agency.
    • $1.99 Cost Saving Program

Contact us for more information about billing and savings.