Innovative Solutions and Services

Innovative Solutions

At Community Care Rx we offer online price quotes for your facility as well as online billing, your bill is available for viewing at any time 24/7.

Community Care Rx has developed special programs and initiatives to support pharmacy service requirements within the Adult Home and Group Home setting. Using the latest technology, we give exacting attention to each prescription within a whole-patient context. With Community Care Rx your facility can expect a highly effective and visible Account Management program, Medicaid Part D billing expertise, and the availability of multiple day deliveries.


We are the only source you need for all your medical equipment. We have  an extensive list of over 5,000 DME items available for your patients. Also, we are able to bill Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurance plans.


We are able to receive prescriptions, via electronic mail, fax, call in from MD office, or/and written RX. We keep up with the latest technology to ensure your patients get their medications.


A Community Care Rx pharmacist is always just a phone call away. Call us any time and we will take care of your needs. If you leave a message we will return your call in five minutes. During the state audit, just call our pharmacist and they will be on site within the hour.


Community Care Rx’s mission is to help save your agency money. If a drug requires PA (prior authorization), our pharmacist will get in touch with the doctor and initiate the prior authorization for you. Our pharmacist has access to prior authorization forms from all major insurance plans which will be filled out by the pharmacist and faxed to doctor for the required signature and review and then faxed to the insurance plan for approval. Meanwhile, CCRX will provide a 72h prescription supply, until the issue with the PA is resolved. Our pharmacist will recommend an alternative agent to the doctor if the initial drug does not receive PA, or is not covered by the insurance plan.


CCRX is contracted with independent pharmacist consultants who will go onsite to perform complete chart reviews and will generate a report that will be printed on site for the nurse and doctor to review.


CCRX provides MAR sheets by the 20th of each month.


CCRX will provide each resident with the access to the web portal that will allow the facility to view patient profile (in real time), order refills, view which refills are due, order house stock supplies, communicate with the pharmacist via text messaging, print patient education monograph or drug monograph, print copy of the RX, and much more. The portal provides a wealth of information at your finger tips and streamlines the refill process.

Web Connect allows you to:

  • Submit refills for the same or next day
  • Reduce faxed refill orders
  • Avoid misplaced refill orders
  • View summaries of pricing and billing statements
  • Communicate easily with pharmacy staff


  • CCRX provides multiple deliveries per day
  • CCRX uses special packaging to pack their drugs (blister packs)
  • We can pre-pack for school and vacation supply
  • CCRX pharmacist are certified to vaccinate flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines
  • CCRX has a health fitness trainer as well
  • Automatic Refill Renewal
  • Participation in all Medicare Part D Plans
  • Compounding Services with dosage forms tailored to patient needs
  • Pharmaceutical records assessed on an ongoing basis by PharmD’s
  • We practice “LEAF” concept – “Listen, Emphasize, Apology & Follow-up”
  • We offer AMAP Training programs


At Community Care Rx our account managers coordinate the implementation of the pharmacy service, providing ongoing pharmacy support to your facility. During implementation the account manager works with the director of nursing and other key facility staff to coordinate facility specific pharmacy policy and procedures. We perform in-services for the professional staff and attend to all the aspects of instituting the new service. We will also be on hand at the facility during the transition. The Community Care Rx account manager visits the facility on a regular basis for education, consultation and problem solving. The Community Care Rx account manager will attend family and facility meetings, and be responsive to any needs that may arise at the facility.

Code Amber Alertag

This innovative discrete ID tag provides vital medical and pharmacy information to the medical provider that could be life saving in case of emergencies.  Community Care RX is the first pharmacy to provide this safe and secure service.  It is offered as a service to your facility’s residents and the discrete device fits on your key chain. The Community Care RX Code AmberAlertag makes it quick and easy to access the medical information you choose to make available for them.