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Community Care Rx has developed special programs and initiatives to support pharmacy service requirements within the Adult Home and Group Home setting. Using the latest technology, we give exacting attention to each prescription within a whole-patient context. With Community Care Rx your facility can expect a highly effective and visible Account Management program, Medicaid Part D billing expertise, and the availability of multiple day deliveries.


Some of the services we offer:

  • Processing E-prescriptions
  • Automatic Refill Renewal
  • Multiple Day Deliveries
  • Customized Medication Packaging
  • Participation in all Medicare Part D Plans
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Compounding Services with dosage forms taylored to patient need
  • Real-time patient profile access – viaWeb Connect
  • Computer-generated review and reports
  • Pharmaceutical records assessed on an ongoing basis by PharmD’s
  • Medical Treatment Management
  • Regularly Scheduled Visits with Supervising Pharmacist; phamacist is available to attend facility audits and answer questions from the Auditors
  • We practice the “LEAF” concept – “Listen, Emphasize, Apology & Follow-up”
  • We offer AMAP Training programs
  • Interface with numerous EMAR programs

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