What is HIV? — HIV is the name of a virus that can affect the body's "immune system," which is responsible for fighting infections. When people have untreated HIV infection, they can become sick easily. That's because their immune system cannot work as well to fight off infections or cancer. Even so, people with HIV can take medicines to control the virus, keep their immune system strong, and stay healthy for many years.

What is AIDS? — AIDS is the term doctors use to describe the stage of HIV infection when the immune system is at its weakest.

How is HIV treated? — Doctors can prescribe different combinations of medicines to treat HIV. These are called "antiretroviral medicines." They work very well to keep HIV infection controlled in most people. You and your doctor should work together to decide when you should start treatment and which medicines are right for you. With proper medical care, HIV can be controlled. Our dedicated team of pharmacist work in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to understand the barriers associated with medication adherence, and we offer continuous support to our patients to improve and maintain optimal compliance to their drug regimen. Our pharmacists are available daily for any concerns and questions that arise during your course of treatment, and through our patient management program, we check up on our patients at least once a month.

Our pharmacists are being updated on the newest drug regimens, in order to offer the best advice and education to our patients and their healthcare providers.

We strive for positive outcomes, and will support you and your caregiver every step of the way.

Drug information resource obtained from: HIV/AIDS (Patient Education - Disease and Procedure) updated Feb. 12, 2018

This information is not specific medical advice and does not replace information you receive from your health care provider.