Assisted Living Facility


Service Goals

  • To improve your resident’s well-being and health outcomes by providing precision medicine, education, and Telehealth services
  • To reduce medication costs to the facility or resident by recommending cost-effective therapies and providing third party payor assistance
  • To ensure compliance with local, State, and Federal rules and regulations that govern your facilities
  • To support and train your staff on the effective and efficient management of medications in your facilities

Medication Regimen Review (MRR)

  • Recommendation of therapeutic substitutions resulting in reduced medication cost to the facility or resident while providing appropriate therapy
  • A collaboration of clinical initiatives with physician and nurses to enhance resident care
  • Detection and flagging of the use of unnecessary, high risk, or Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIMs) that should be avoided
  • Management of psychotropic medications and their gradual dose reductions
  • Source of pharmaceutical information for physicians, nurses, pharmacy, family members, and residents

Medication Management Services

  • Development, implementation, and periodic review of policies and procedures
  • Inspection of stored medications and medication storage areas
  • Controlled substance inventory check or reconciliation
  • Witnessing of unused medication disposal or destruction
  • eMAR implementation

Committee Member Services

  • Medication costs and evaluations for appropriate use
  • Analyses of reported medication errors
  • Provision of trending or quality assurance reports
  • Support with audit issues
  • Policies and procedures development or revisions
training and education

Training & Educational Resources

  • Periodic training and monitoring of staff performance
  • Training related to medication handling, storage, and administration
  • Medication pass training and observations
  • Monitoring of medication errors and implementation of risk reduction measures
  • Implementation of residential health enrichment and wellness programs
  • Educational presentations and in-services on a wide range of pharmacy topics
Prescription Coverage Assistance

Prescription Coverage Assistance & Medication Adherence Services

  • Extensive knowledge on Patient Advocate Foundation, HealthWell Foundation, and Good Days, organizations that offer financial assistance to eligible patients
  • Support with applications or enrollments
  • Support with obtaining medications that require step therapy or prior authorizations