Financial Assistance Programs

Community Care understands the financial burdens associated with medication costs and can help you find programs to assist you with these burdens.

Take Advantage of CCRx’s Productivity Tools

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Pharmacy WebConnect

  • New Orders
  • Refills
  • Discontinue meds
  • Review resident’s file
  • Request or print MAR’s
  • Print Prescriptions


  • Immediate access to change in a resident’s condition

  • Easy interface, view charts, notes, and medications.

  • Finger touch charting

  • Tracking of medications through the continuum of care

  • Communicate and report on multiple communities


  • Request services

  • Customer service ticket system
  • Inquiries

CCRx Online Store

  • House stock orders
  • Order OTCs
  • Order DMEs
  • Order Nutritionals

Insurance Enrollment Assistance

Community Care Rx can compare your residents’ Medicare plans in a snap. We have a system that allows us to pick the right plan for your resident, educing their bills and facility out-of-pocket expenses

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  • ✓ Guaranteed 22-28% LOWER PRICED Pharmacy Invoices
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