Why should I choose Community Care Rx?

We provide secure and convenient care for your patients. Using a wide variety of techniques and programs, we can help ensure the accuracy of your patient’s pharmaceutical needs.

We are the first pharmacy to use the Code Amber Alertag which allows the medical provider to access vital information during emergencies, ultimately saving many lives. It can be accessed through any internet-based device. For added protection, it utilizes three layers of protection which must be unlocked to receive access. The levels include a QR Code, a password, and a key code.

To further connect with you we use a program called Webconnect. This program is a secure and safe network that connects our pharmacy and your facility. Using this program you can submit a refill for the patient’s medications for the next or even the same day. This digital system also reduces misplaced refill orders and faxed refills, and you can also view your patient’s summary statements for billing and pricing.